I love ceremonies!   I have been assisting couples in creating one-of-a-kind wedding ceremonies since 1988.   I consider weddings, vow renewals, commitment ceremonies and holy unions very important rituals on life’s path.

I encourage partners to be assertive and ask for the kind of ceremony they want, with words that are meaningful for their individual lives and appropriate for today’s world.  My experience has shown that couples who take the time to create their own ceremony, especially their vows, enter their marriage with a deeper understanding of their commitment to each other and their lives together.

As your officiant, I want you to feel you are speaking the words of your heart, and sharing your desires for your life together.  I offer you the opportunity to place the same attention on your ceremony that you will put into your choice of wedding clothes, music, flowers, photographs, food and drink.

I am also available for many different ceremonies appropriate to our life’s journey, such as: business, home and land blessings, christenings, coming of age ceremonies, menarche ceremonies, conscious divorce rituals, croning, and memorials.

Please contact me via e-mail to set up an appointment:  revangelica@gmail.com