Center Council

Front Row L to R:

Nancy Tate, Member; Karen Blakeley, RScP,

Secretary; Kathy Johansen, Member;

Doug Kamprath, Treasurer

Top Row L to R:

Rick St. Charles, President; Rev. Angelica Taggart, Minister; Burrill Catanach, Vice President

Rick St. Charles ~ President

I have been been a student of the Science of Mind for 44 years. I was one of the founding members of our Center and served as its first Board President as well as a Practitioner. It has been deeply gratifying to see how many lives have been positively changed over the years by the unconditional love, support, and teachings that our Center offers. Plus, we have a lot of fun in the process. My wife, children’s music recording artist Lisa Monet, is the one who first introduced me to the philosophy and in the words of one of her recordings: “The more we get together/the happier we’ll be.”

Burrill Catanach ~ Vice President

I was raised on the East Coast with “traditionally” religious parents; married a Catholic; taught CCD; and then divorced after birthing 2 beautiful daughters and a wonderful son.

Then I attended college; got an AA in Psychology & Environmental Science. After graduation, I transferred to University of California, Irvine and got a BA in Social Ecology & Mental Health. I remarried during this process, to the love of my life for 5 years.

Then onto Travel Agent School and employment with Globus Tour Company, specializing in Hawaiian Tours until 1999, when a bus accident caused me enough injury to retire.

During this time I became an Ordained Minister and got a Doctorate in Divinity from American Institute of Holistic Theology. Also got training for Bereavement Counseling for Hospice; Volunteer Chaplain at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Certificate in Caregiving with In-Home Health Support services (IHSS).

Spiritual searches took me eventually to the Church of Religious Science, in 1981, in Huntington Beach when Peggy Basset was heading an explosion of members and created such a following that attracted many who would become leaders in the “New Age” enlightenment wave. It was here that I became attracted to “A Course in Miracles” and began my studies using the lessons to help me bring more happiness into my world. I’ve been facilitating weekly classes since then and am still finding this and the Center’s philosophy to be the touchstone for my life.

Les Craig ~ Secretary

I have been a member of the Eureka Center for Spiritual Living since 2018 and on the Center Council since 2020.I have served as Secretary since Lorna McLeod stepped down in 2021. I am also a member of the Music Committee, and a second-year Practitioner student. I enjoy singing in the choir, and I hope to contribute to the Center’s visibility and community outreach at community events during the coming year.

Doug Kamprath ~ Treasurer

I came to The Science of Mind through my father-in-law who was aware of Ernest Holmes. Over the years I took to taking classes with the
Reverend Betsy Elliot who was the Minister at the time. I find the philosophy to be a helpful guide in this Thing called Life. Science of Mind emphasizes personal responsibility for one’s life and this in turn translates to honesty, integrity and truth which I believe are foundations of good living and provide for the cultivation of values that are in alignment with who I am.

Edward Waples ~ Member

  • Science of Mind Practitioner Student. I came into this organized philosophy in 1984. I’ve always held its truths and beliefs even before I discovered it as an actual organized faith. In the past I spent many years joining and studying other religious philosophies. I was Baptist, Catholic, Baha’i, and Mormon at different periods of my life. But the Science of Mind philosophy was always my belief system. My original introduction to Ernest Holmes and the SOM church was at First Church of Religious Science with Reverend Margret Stortz in Oakland, California. I later joined her Associate Minister’s new church, The East Bay Church of Religious Science, also In Oakland. There I completed most of my classes and went through the first half of practitioner’s training (Practitioner 1 ). I took an extended leave (about 20 years) from the church and rejoined with my wife Amalia in Eureka, California, in 2019. Here I’ve resumed my studies and service. I am currently a Core Council member and a part of the music ministry. As a result of my earlier career in entertainment, I play and perform on 12 instruments. I have developed and will soon publish my new system for teaching music. I am also a published poet with my first book in stores and my second book in the publishing process now. I’ve been employed as a Registered Nurse for the past 26 years and am currently working at Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Eureka.

Kathy Johanson ~ Member

Born and raised primarily in California, I came to Humboldt County in 2012 with a non-profit community organization. I have been involved with Centers for Spiritual Living since 1990, taking classwork and volunteering in many capacities, developing spirituality, and friendships in several different communities.  I look forward to engaging the community and supporting the center (and beyond) through collaborative relationships, facilitating connections, and furthering the impact of the Eureka Center for Spiritual Living through my contributions.

Our Musical Staff

Jackson Eldridge ~ Music Director

Donna Landry-Rehling ~ Choir Director

Jeff Smoller ~ Guitarist/Accompanist

Jeff Smoller ~ Guitarist/Accompanist