Our Practitioners at Eureka Center for Spiritual Living are trained in the art and science of spiritual support using affirmative prayer. Each has been licensed by Centers for Spiritual Living, and each engages in ongoing study for their own personal spiritual development. In service to our community each is devoted to directing their natural compassion into helping you through listening, caring, and using spiritual mind treatment to reveal the Truth of you that is greater than any apparent limitation.

Practitioner Vision Statement: To be a conscious embodiment of Spirit, receptive and responsive to whatever is ours to do toward the highest and best for all Life.

Practitioner Purpose Statement: To embrace and embody the Science of Mind principles, providing affirmative prayer, where Love is expressed and Truth revealed.

Our Practitioners are here to serve you.  If you would like to work with one of them, please click on this link and let us know:

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3. If you’d like, you can leave a brief summary of what you would like Affirmative Prayer for so the Practitioner can start working for you immediately.

Please be aware that our Practitioners charge a fee for their services. You’ll have to ask them what it is. The one you have chosen will get back to you.

Claudia Flenniken, RScP

My life has been focused in a spiritual direction since I was a child. To a great extent my personal spiritual journey has been about learning to love better. As a Practitioner I feel called to provide support, guidance, and a healing presence for others who are learning to love more purely and to express their love more fully in the world.

I am dedicated to supporting individual spiritual development through education. Marcel Proust wrote, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” This is a picture of my contemplative life. Prayer and meditation provide the impetus for change, the resolution of disharmony, and the clear spiritual vision that are essential to living a soulful life.

Susan Hesse, RScP

I came to Religious Science in 1999 and have never looked back. Once I started taking classes I knew I had found my spiritual home. I became a Practitioner in 2004 and have truly enjoyed serving this community in any way I can. I have been a member of the Core Council, office manager and treasurer, usher, greeter, and all around volunteer.

My husband and I moved to Eureka in 1989 from Southern California and we own a small business in town. I retired from accounting in 2010 and find I can fill my days quite easily. I continue to take classes and workshops and I am one of the more frequent book buyers at our book store. I love to read and find time each day to indulge that need as well as plenty of time for relaxation and reflection.

I have always felt that my life was blessed and I have always known that I will be taken care of – a pretty solid foundation from which to expand and grow. Religious Science has given me the skills necessary to stretch the boundaries of what I know and what I accept. For this teaching I am eternally grateful.

Michele Kamprath, RScP

It has been my pleasure to be a part of the Eureka Center for Spiritual Living for 20 plus years. I’ve served as a Practitioner for at least 15 of those years. My life has been and continues to be very outdoor oriented. I love to ride my bike, camp, and grow vegetables in the garden with my husband Douglas. I’ve worked as a teacher and as a wildlife biologist for the Forest Service. Now that I am retired, I focus much of my energy on art and the artistic creative process.

I have always known Spirit to be in all beings: humans, plants, and animals – I guess that comes from living close to the earth. The Center for Spiritual Living is indeed my spiritual home. The Science of Mind philosophy encompasses what I have believed for most of my life that we indeed have a choice in our lives and how we live them. The classes I have taken have given me tools that I use daily to improve and enhance my life. I feel privileged to serve our spiritual community as a Practitioner. My goal is to nurture the creative spirit within all beings and being a Practitioner is one of the ways that I can contribute to this.

Edward A. Waples Jr., RScP

Edward has embraced the Science of Mind Philosophy for many years before he discovered The Centers for Spiritual Living (Religious Science). Searching for the truth in faith, he had explored and temporarily embraced many religions including Catholic, Baptist, Baha’i, and Mormon. None believed as he did, so he soon abandoned the search. He became aware of the Religious Science organization in the 1980’s while attending the First Church of Religious Science in Oakland, California under the stewardship of Reverend Margaret Stortz. Later he joined the East Bay Church of Religious Science under Reverend Eloise Oliver. There he completed his classwork and entered the Practitioner program. Events after the first year in the program caused him to leave the fold. In 2017 Bobby Finster, RScP was a patient of his in the hospital and invited him to the Eureka Center. In 2019, along with his new bride Amalia Waples, he finally did attend, and the couple immediately joined the Eureka Center for Spiritual Living under Reverend Angelica Taggart. He completed the new curriculum prerequisites and finally completed the Practitioner program.

Edward currently serves on the Center’s board. He is also a member of the music ministry and serves as a licensed practitioner. He is a veteran Registered Nurse at St. Joseph’s hospital with over 26 years’ experience. He plays more than 12 musical instruments and has taught several music classes over the years. He has also taught the Nursing and health care professionals programs in several schools of learning and Universities. He is a published author with one book currently in the stores, and a second to be released in September or October. He is currently working on three new book projects. His degrees include an Associate of Arts in languages, (AA), Bachelor of Science in Nursing with Public Health Nurse certification (BSN/PHN), Master of Science in Nursing with a Case Management focus (MSN/CM), and a nearly completed PhD. in Education with a Nursing focus (PhD candidate). The title he says that he is most proud of is Religious Science Practitioner (RScP). His intentions are to enter ministerial school in or around April of 2023, and in the near future with his wife and partner create a foundation for the homeless, the underprivileged, and the shut-ins.

Karen Blakeley, RScP

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I stepped into CSL in 2010, on a journey to find a deeper connection with Spirit.  I found everything my soul was longing for and more!  My greatest joy is in serving others and sharing my gifts with the world, through the use of the creative arts; singing, speaking, and playing my violin. As a Practitioner my goal is to serve as a facilitator, assisting my fellow travelers on their personal journey towards spiritual realization. Nothing fills me with a greater sense of gratitude than having the opportunity to rejoice as someone reaches for their highest potential, reveals more of their wholeness, and truly thrives in life. I feel privileged to serve as a Practitioner for our amazing center and am looking forward to the different ways I can support you in your spiritual growth.

Les Craig, RScP

I have been a member of the Eureka Center for Spiritual Living since 2018, and I have to say that it has changed my life.
My spiritual journey has included associations with Unitarianism, Quakerism, Baha’i Faith, Wicca, and Lakota Sweat Lodge teachings. I do not believe that I have ever truly left any practice I was involved in. Whatever other enthusiasms I have taken on, I think my spirituality has always been at the center of my life, although I was not always comfortable with seeing that in myself. And I am grateful to Science of Mind for providing a welcoming space for that priority, and all the different paths I have taken in exploring it.
As a beginner on this path, I greet each request with a child’s excitement: I get to lead a meditation? There’s a prayer request in my email? Wow! But I can’t imagine ever not being thrilled at having praying for people as part of my job description. Because of my own patchwork of traditions, spiritual inclusiveness is perhaps my highest ideal, and what I hope to make the primary focus of my practice. And I trust in Spirit to show me how that is done.

Scott “Q” Marcus, RScP

Scott “Q” Marcus, RScP received his practitioner’s license in 2022. Beyond that, he is an award-winning professional speaker, former president of the Northern California chapter of the National Speakers Association, syndicated columnist and author, and weight loss coach for almost four decades. During that time, he has guided thousands of people on how they can change their habits so they can be happier and healthier. His playful, humorous, and inspirational presentations deal with the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that lead to painful, unhealthy behaviors, believing that when one gets in touch with who they really are and realizes the Universal Force that flows through them, they will automatically succeed – in whatever definition they have of “success.” He believes there is no situation where kindness and compassion will make it worse.

In Memoriam

Bobbie Finster, RScP Emeritus

Thank you, dear Bobbie, for your kind, loving, and wise service, as well as your delightful sense of humor. You will always be in our hearts.


Pamela Kelley, RScP

We were blessed to have Pamela with us for so long with her bright smile, her warm friendship, and her joyful singing, as well as her wise service as a Practitioner. Thank you, dear Pamela, You will always be in our hearts